Sanden compressor clutch

This page explains the service operations in the clutch and shaft seal of a Sanden AC Compressor. NOTE: The clutch air-gap is determined by the thickness of the shim. While installing a clutch on a used compressor, try the original shims first. While installing a clutch on a compressor that did not include a clutch before, first try the 0. Align the keyway in the armature assembly to the shaft key. Using a driver and hammer, or an arbor press, drive the armature assembly down over the shaft until it bottoms on the shims.

A distinct sound change will be heard if you are using a hammer to drive the armature assembly. Check the air-gap with a feeler gauge. The specification is 0. If the gap is not even around the clutch, gently tap down at the high spots. If the overall gap is out of spec, remove the armature assembly and change the shims as necessary. Replace the armature dust cover if used and torque 3 or 6 bolts to the specifications mentioned below:.

VW AC compressor solenoid valve diagnosis and replacement Sanden PXE16 and PXE14

NOTE: A lip seal assembly and felt ring must never be reused. Always replace these components.

How to Remove a Sanden Clutch

If you are looking for some other repair or install procedures related to the Sanden Compressor, you can refer to this link. Sanden is one of the renowned manufacturers of AC compressors across the world. Known for manufacturing top-quality AC compressors, the brand's parts are employed by many vehicle manufacturers today.

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Sanden AC Compressor Service Operations Clutch and Shaft Seal

A properly functioning air-conditioning system keeps the passenger compartment cool by circulating cool air. Without an AC in your vehicle, especially during summer, your driving experience will be stuffy and uncomfortable. The AC system includes the compressor, condenser and evaporator. The AC compressor compresses the refrigerant and this is the first step for any AC cycle to start.

Only when the compressor pumps the refrigerant at the right pressure, the remaining components in the AC loop will function up to their optimum.

sanden compressor clutch

Therefore, any problem with the compressor will degrade the entire performance of your AC system. We hope you found this information on Sanden AC compressors informative and helpful. For any enquiries while purchasing auto parts in our site, or for any additional technical information, you can contact us on our toll-free number or send us an e-mail. We will put one of our automotive experts in touch with you to help you out with your difficulties.Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Cautionary Information 2. Compressor Torque specifications 3. Service Operations — Clutch 4. Service Operations — Shaft Seal 5. Page 4: Cautionary Information Work in a well ventilated area. Page 5: Compressor Torque Specifications High pressure relief valve Page 6: Service Operations - Clutch 5. Remove bearing dust cover if present. Use caution to prevent distorting cover when removing it. Page 7 Service Operations - Clutch 3.

Remove rotor retaining snap ring using snap ring pliers. Remove rotor using Sanden removing tool. The rotor bearing is not changeable as it is staked into position.

sanden compressor clutch

Page 8 4. Remove the shims from the shaft.

Use a pointed tool and a small screwdriver to prevent the shims from binding on the shaft. Page 9 5. Reinstall the rotor retaining snap ring using snap ring pliers.Our ultimate goal is to deliver excellence to our customers while preserving the earth's environment.

Example of overheated clutch due to slipping. Clutch Slipping is a condition that occurs when the armature plate fails to engage and rotate in synchronization with the clutch rotor. The field coil when energized becomes an electromagnet which then magnetizes the Clutch rotor and Armature plate. Friction and magnetic attraction cause the Armature plate and Clutch rotor to lock together clutch engagement and rotate the compressor shaft.

Clutch Slipping specifically refers to a situation that occurs when the armature plate fails to lock together properly with the rotor. The armature will then tend to drag slip against the rotor surface. This dragging slipping results in intense friction and heat. As the slipping continues, the heat causes deformation of the armature plate.

In the case of a rubber armature, clutch slipping may lead to melting of the rubber damper and can result in a subsequent failure of the entire clutch mechanism. Example of overheated clutch due to slipping Clutch Slipping Clutch Slipping is a condition that occurs when the armature plate fails to engage and rotate in synchronization with the clutch rotor.

Possible Causes of Clutch Slipping and overheating: Liquid slugging -will cause high shaft rotation torque. This inhibits rotation of the armature plate and leads to slipping. Contamination on friction surfaces - will diminish the coefficient of friction between the two mating surfaces and result in slipping of the armature. Low voltage to the field coil - causes a reduction in the strength of the magnetic field of the field coil. System overpressure - will cause high shaft rotation torque.

Engine harness defective connection - may result in insufficient current being applied to the field coil. All Rights Reserved.Skip to main content. Include description. Brand Type. Aftermarket Branded Items Genuine OEM 22 Items Private Label 1 Items 1. Unbranded 1 Items 1. Not Specified Items Aftermarket Products 26 Items Honda 26 Items Sanden Items Sanden International Inc Items VW 30 Items No Warranty 18 Items Unspecified Length 94 Items New Items New other see details 13 Items Remanufactured 49 Items Used 10 Items For parts or not working 1 Items 1.

Please provide a valid price range.Note: Keyed shaft can be identified in that the holes for the armature plate spanner will have threads in them.

Compressors & Clutch

If armature dust cover is present, remove the 3 or 6 bolts holding it in place and remove cover. If auxiliary sheet metal pulley is present, remove the screws holding it in place.

Then remove pulley. Insert pins of armature plate spanner into threaded holes of armature assembly. Remove armature assembly using puller. Thread 3 puller bolts into the holes in the armature assembly.

Turn center screw clockwise until armature assembly comes loose. If shims are above shaft key, remove them now. If shims are below shaft key, the key and bearing dust cover if present must be removed before the shims can be removed. Remove bearing dust cover if present. Use caution to prevent distorting cover when removing it. Remove shims. Use a pointed tool and a small screwdriver to prevent the shims from binding on the shaft. Note: Spline shaft can be identified in that the holes for the armature plate spanner will not have threads in them.

Lift off armature plate with fingers. If armature does not come off easily, spray an anti-seize oil into shaft to loosen the plate.

Armature plate can also be loosened by gently prying between rotor and armature plate with two flat screw drivers. If bearing dust cover has not been removed, remove it now.

If internal snap ring for bearing is visible above the bearing, remove it with internal snap ring pliers. Loosen lead wire clamp screw with 2 Phillips screw driver until wire s can be slipped out from under clamp.

Undo any wire connections on the compressor which would prevent removal of the field coil assembly. Reverse the steps in the section above Field Coil Assembly Removal. Protrusion on underside of coil ring must match hole in front housing to prevent movement and correctly locate lead wire s. Place compressor on support stand, supported at rear end of compressor.

If the compressor must be clamped in a vise, clamp only on the mounting ears, never on the body of the compressor. Place the rotor installer ring into the bearing bore. Ensure that the edge rests only on the inner race of the bearing, not on the seal, pulley, or outer race of the bearing.

Place the driver into the ring and drive the rotor down into the front housing with a hammer or arbor press. Drive the rotor against the front housing step. A distinct change of sound can be heard when using a hammer to install the rotor. Reinstall rotor bearing snap ring, if it has been removed, with internal snap ring pliers. Reinstall rotor retaining snap ring with external snap ring pliers.Recent CommentsJames mwangi on If you are new to sports bettingElitasaru on Free daily sports prediction.

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sanden compressor clutch

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