Sonic 1 ps3

Play the classic platforming and running video game that started all the modding hype. Play as Sonic and defeat Dr. Robotnik in Sonic The Hedgehog! Sonic The Hedgehog is a popular platforming video game that was released back in for the Sega Genesis gaming console system.

The game centers around the blue hedgehog named Sonic.

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Sonic has the ability to run so fast that he can even defy physics for a time. The game focuses on Sonic's quest to defeat Dr. Robotnik and stop his evil schemes. The game was so popular that it spawned dozens of sequels and even hundreds of ROM hacks. How to Save Game. Sonic The Hedgehog is a single title from the many platform gamesarcade games and sonic games offered for this console.

Sonic the Hedgehog Master Collection

If you enjoyed playing this, then you can find similar games in the sega games category. Sonic The Hedgehog game is from the various retro games on the site, and there are more games like this, including Sonic Mania Edition, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic Advance 3. Game Rating 4. Based on votes from site users. Web Emulator Games. Download ROM.Medium Speed Character Type, has the abillity of flying to get to secret areas you won't be able to get to!

Multiplayer is a new editon into this HD Remake, using 4 colors for all characters and levels. There are some types of Multiplayer. Sign In Don't have an account?

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sonic 1 ps3

Categories :. Fastest Type of Character you can get! Slower than Flight, breaks rocks easier allowing you to take the diffrent routes. Decreases your Jump. Slowest Character to get, can make Rocks disappear in seconds by throwing them away or just blasting through them! Amy loves Sonic like her own heart, she'll never leave her side and will help Sonic defeat Eggman, unless she's the one being kidnapped.

You must have Sonic Generations completed on the console. PC gives you DLC characters at the end of the game. Yes, a fancharacter makes it into a game, but its not the only one, Sonic and Tails' fusion reachs Green Hill Zone! You can't kill your teammates, but hurt them but won't make them lose rings, whats that add Match? Team Match!Whilst there, Sonic runs into some very familiar characters from his past including a younger version of himself!

Now they must team up to defeat their enemies, save their friends, and find out who is behind this diabolical deed. This is one of the best Sonic games yet, and it's not too hard for anyone who hasn't played a Modern or Classic Sonic game before. The level design is amazing, and has harder and faster paths that allow speedrunners or people who worry it will be too easy or short to still have a challenge.

I still play this really often, especially now that its backwards compatible, and still find new things almost every time.

This game saved my life when I was going through the 1st stages of having a mental illness. I would play this everyday because of how fast it is. It would preoccupie my head and ease my pain. Now im on the right medication and I'm doing really great. I'm just so happy to be alive to play this again on my new Xbox One X. It's like playing it again but much prettier. One of the best Sonic games of all time.

I recommend you get this instead of Sonic Forces! Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. Sonic Generations. Official Club. See Price.Sonic the Hedgehogor just Sonicis Sega 's biggest franchise. The first game in the franchise was released on June 23, Since then, Sonic has become one of the world's best-known video game characters, along with MarioPac-Manand Pikachu.

It is one of the best selling franchises. It has shifted million units, including approximately million software sales and over million free-to-play mobile downloads.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog is also one of the best selling games worldwide. Sign In Don't have an account?

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sonic 1 ps3

Live Wallpaper 0. Sega: 'We are turning Sonic into an entertainment icon'. Retrieved on The History Of Sonic the Hedgehog. Retrieved on October 18, Interview: Stefano Arnhold Tectoy. Retrieved on November 21, GameHall Network. Universo Online. Retrieved on May 13, Sonic rings mobile success. Market for Home Computing and Video Games. Xbox Live Arcade by the numbers — the year in review.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Event occurs at The Magic Box. Archived from the original on July 10, Retrieved on December 27, Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Archived from the original on February 21, Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved on June 7, Garaph Media Create Sega Sammy Holdings May 25, Retrieved on June 11, Archived from the original on Sonic 4: Episode 2 info coming "very soon," says Sega West boss.If you're a diehard sega fan, this is a must have!

Even has some games ported direct from the arcade. I had to get another disk because for no apparent reason my first one died. Didn't have a scrarch either, but otherwise the new replacement has worked flawlessly. I love to buy all collection, treasure, and anniversary of any video games.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles on PS3?

I am telling you this one is best of all. I had this same video game for Xbox I did not have Xbox because it burned out. So I still have PS3 and bought this game. My kids and I can play old school games together. Fun time. Beyond that Controls need tinkering, the interface is sloppy, and that incessant beeping and 80's-like techno-tron music pierces the eardrum with the force of a super sonic spin attack.

This is a very poor port of some of the best games from my formative years, and correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't BOTH X-men games produced by Sega? Oh, I forgot; Marvel License But I digress. There are plenty of trophies in this one, and Segamen like me will rejoice that they are mostly silver and gold The bottom line is that unless you love e-bay which I doand unless you like the cartridges or how the Genesis boxes look up close or neatly lined up in a row on a display shelf of your choosing check, check, and Think of it as one of those emulator kinda deals for the PC around the turn of the century.

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The selection's good enough, the price is good enough, and the trophies will make you smile. Just get it as cheap as you can and cry for video games as we know it. This is a much better value The games on this disk are a much better selection than what you get on those Flashbacks which has alot of filler Of the 80 something games on the Flashbacks pluralhow many more are they gonna make, about 30 percent are trash Unlike this collection where there are about 40 games but all original releases with some Master System games as well so dont be fooled by the number on the Flashbacks Of course you do need a PS3 or Xbox to play but if you do own one these this is much more bang for your buck less than haIf of what youd pay for the Flashback If you feel the need for classic Sega gaming get this collection or wait until Sega actually makes a decent mini console thats worthy of the fans.

Has a bunch on sega genesis titles. Great variety of artwork, history and unlockable games. I like these games because most of them get straight to the action and fun.

And there is a charm to the graphics and art style. Additional games and modes can be unlocked through play. All games have been enhanced for p output. Additional Product Features Number of Players.

More than 40 classic games originally created for the Genesis Authentic bit fun, upgraded to p for play on HD consoles Unlock rare games, new modes, and hidden extras.Confused Demo Control Mode Debug Mode Extra Lives Get all Emeralds Level Select Marble Zone Shortcut Scrap Brain Teleport Secret Special Stages Time Points This is a special level select, it also allows you to hear the sounds and music. Submitted by Duncan Neil Sutherland Cheats For extra points, pass any zone in a certain amount of time.

For the best bonus, enter the Debug Mode code. The clock will freeze and you'll always score a 50, bonus! Sonic will get confused, lose his place, and possibly die. Control Mode At the title screen press up c down c left c right. While playing, you can pause the game and use A to restart, B for slow motion, and C for frame advance.

Debug Mode Enable Control Mode. After pressing Start to begin a game, hold A until you see Sonic. If you see a bunch of hex numbers on the top of the screen, you're in Debug Mode. To start debugging, press B, then you can select any sprite in that level and put it on the screen. To select a different sprite, press A, and to place it on the screen, press C.

Note that sprite selection is different from Zone to Zone. Also, instead of displaying the time elapsed, it displays the number of sprites currently on the screen. Control Mode functions work as well. Note: This only works on the first production releases of Sonic. Collect it along with enough rings to make for a second life. Next, grab the 1-Up at the top of the loop-de-loop and die.

sonic 1 ps3

Repeat until you have enough lives.The game was made and released to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

In Aprilthe Xbox version of the game was made backwards compatible with the Xbox One and supports Xbox One X enhanced features. Development of Sonic Generations began in when Takashi Iizuka realized that there was no anniversary game planned for His idea for a tribute was accepted by Sega and developments began. Sega held an internal poll for employees of Sega, including Sega of Japan, America, and Europe asking what their favorite levels from the Sonic series were.

After ranking the most popular levels, a website was launched holding another poll asking the opinions of fans of the series. In laterumors of a Sonic Anniversary game surfaced online. Later in the month, a Sega-Sammy earnings report listed 3DS and PC versions of the game; however, a revised version of the report no longer listed either version.

The 3DS had minor story changes as well. They also worked on Sonic Colors and MadWorld. Sega officially announced a PC version of the game on 11 October The game features levels derived from twenty years of Sonic history, ranging from the Classic era, through the Dreamcast era, to the Modern era.

Each level can be played with either Classic Sonic or Modern Soniceach taking their own routes throughout the level. Classic Sonic's levels are strictly two-dimensional side-scrolling stages, using classic moves like the Spin Attack and the Spin Dash.

Red Star Rings return in the console version. Five can be found in each Act, and collecting them unlocks extras such as music, art, and movies. The hub world starts out at White Spacebut opens up more as the Sonics pass through more levels. The Hub worlds are only playable in 2D, so they are not free roam like they were in Unleashed.

One character is rescued in each stage. Characters rescued will stand outside the entrance to the stage, and they can be talked to. Also, there is an area above the entrance to the main stages where the player can access Challenge Acts and rival battles.

Bosses are accessed through special areas known as "Boss Gates," found at the end of each era. The handheld version, unlike the console version, makes the Modern Sonic gameplay similar to Sonic Rushwhile also featuring Special Stages based on Sonic Heroes. Some bosses are played as Classic Sonic, and some are played as Modern Sonic.

Act 1 is played as Classic Sonic and Act 2 is played as Modern Sonic, and there are ten missions per level. Classic Sonic's levels are strictly two-dimensional side-scrolling stages that are similar to the games in the s. Classic Sonic stages consist of him running in a permanent two-dimensional perspective, platforming all the way towards an end sign post just like in the original games in the s. Patrick Riley referred to Classic Sonic levels as "momentum-based platforming.

The handheld 3DS version uses stereoscopic 3D to give a sense of depth. Classic Sonic also has an unlockable homing attack in both versions. The 'Modern' gameplay kept the style of Sonic games that has existed since Sonic Unleashed in The player can perform Freestyle Trickswhich can be used to fill up the boost gauge, by launching off Trick Ramps or passing through Rainbow Rings. There is a new visual element to all returning levels, such as the cave in Green Hill.