Tony stark x neglected reader

Request: I completely lost the pure request itself and all the kind things I remember you saying, but this is basically a Tony! Please tell me what you think! Originally posted by mamalaz. He took a sip of his coffee, walking down the long, glass-walled, hallway to the lab he had occupied with his current project. He was more than tired.

Closer to wrecked. He had slept for three hours in his room at the Tower before he had woken up. Day and night he worked and woke up just as he started falling asleep. Her dedication to science and tech was something he did not just admire tremendously, but it was insanely attractive. So few women in his life shared his interest with the same amount of passion as he did.

He was so mesmerized by her that he barely noticed her catching him looking and waving at him through the glass wall. He hastily waved back and swallowed harshly, stepping inside the lab he had given her, which was the one as close to his as possible. She looked up at the clock on the wall which stood at barely six in the morning. She shrugged, smiling warmly and being much more awake than him. It felt as if his body could shut down at any second.

Those bags under your eyes says otherwise. He rubbed his free hand up and down his neck, forcing a smile to not let his spirits drag her beautiful soul down. She stood up from her seat with a hopeless sigh, walking towards him. Tony froze as she walked around him and placed her hands on his shoulders. I mean, geez, your muscles are ridiculously in need of this right now.

She chuckled behind him and squeezed a wince out of him by roughing her grip on his shoulders again. Instead, she grabbed his shoulders and spun him around to truly lecture him, but the surprisingly close space between them rendered her silent.

Her hands were on his shoulders, her eyes locked onto his lips before moving up to his warm, brown, eyes. He was equally as lost in her.

He was barely in control of his right hand that slowly began to move from her hip and up her side. Her arms reached further and her hands traveled from his shoulders to the back of his neck and he could feel her cautiously pull him down for her but it was there he snapped out of it.

If she only knew how opposite their reality was.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Until now. But things aren't going so great with the team, since Tony started experimenting with artificial intelligence. Tension grows and it explodes in the least expected moment. You were sure you had one purpose with your powers of super sensory and heightened empathy. Save the world.

tony stark x neglected reader

First from Tony Stark, and then maybe him from himself if you could help it. After begging Pepper to get you a job, your life turns upside down. And when she's had enough and asks you to step in, well We're re-exploring all of the MCU over here. It's a perfect time I think to fix a few things Tony Stark is a good man. He has lost his entire family yet lives his life devoting himself to helping others.

Steve Rogers never knew the secret that Tony has kept since his parents death long ago, but it finally comes out, and everything makes a little more sense. Things change for the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist when someone he thought long gone, has been alive this entire time. And Steve has to learn how to keep his secret from everyone around him, without hurting those he cares the most about.

tony stark x neglected reader

Are you locked up by yourself? Are you locked up with your family? Then you're me. Ah, well. At least something good can come out of this. I'm writing some reader insert one shots! If you feel like requesting anything, go ahead! They can be romantic, platonic, whatever!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This work is a collection of various x Reader drabbles, headcanons, and preferences, cross-posted from Tumblr. Tags will be updated as I go. Feel free to make a request! I hope this change shows in the later drabbles compared to the first ones!

House (Tony Stark x Reader)

Mostly gonna try to write for underrated characters, but you will see everything from marvel to z-nation and the originals.You cautiously slipped your hand into the bag and fumbled with a few items, some soft and warm, others rock hard and freezing cold… Why were there so many items?

You forced back the blush on your cheeks. Tony may have been a complete dick at times, but he was an attractive dick that always had troubles with keeping his hands to himself, even if he was in a relationship at the time.

Tony grabbed your arm and you begrudgingly followed him into the closet, but before he had a chance to close the door, you caught the door and looked out directly to Bruce and Steve. The brunette man laughed softly and nodded, removing his glasses and Steve looked a little confused, which you found ridiculously adorable. You smiled and opened your mouth to thank them for watching out for you when you were suddenly pulled backwards and the door slammed shut. It took you a moment to take in everything that had happened.

He then ran his hands down your sides and pulled your hips backwards to meet his own. It was a surprise, but then not at the same time. You had come to expect such things from Tony, and, though the initial shock was still the same, you knew it would pass quickly; he would grow bored, as he always did. Before you knew it Tony had spun you around so your back was flush against the wall, and your chest was pressed tightly to his.

tony stark x neglected reader

A soft moan escaped your throat as his warm hand slipped under your colour shirt and bra to gently tease and knead your breast. You felt Tony smirk in the kiss. The knowledge that he was enjoying himself was both irritating and oddly pleasurable. That familiar, strong and yet feminine tone; it was Pepper.

A voice in the back of your mind reminded you that she was his girlfriend… and that what you were doing was wrong. There was a moment when he looked confused, but as complete silence fell over the two of you, and the conversation between Pepper and the other Avengers became more audible, he came to realise the reason for your hesitation. His hand ran through your hair which came to settle on your neck. Your fingers tangled in his messy hair as his hands moved to raise one of your thighs against his hip.

His tongue softly slipped into your mouth as he fully lifted you up and pinned you between the wall and his own body. There was an insatiable heat that started to grow within your body. You rolled your hips forward slightly, eliciting a low, wanting moan from the billionaire. A soft groan built in your throat, but you refused to let it sound. He removed his hands, which mean your only support came from the tightness of his body against your own and the wall. When he pulled away, you thought you were going to slip, so your legs tightened around his waist.

Did… did you actually want him that badly that you would unconsciously pretend to slip just to feel him tighter against you? Your thoughts were interrupted when your blouse was torn open, sending buttons flying around the closet. A breathless gasp escaped your lips when both Tony removed your bra, and the cool air around you hit your exposed skin. The billionaire chuckled softly as his mouth found your pink bud through your lace bra.Originally posted by joshholloway.

Maybe with some help along the way and the reader becomes a cyborg of some-sort? When Tony met you, you were nothing but a child who was living on the streets your dirty cloths proved that and for some reason he just had the feeling that taking you in under his wing would be a good thing.

After Tony had taken you in he treated you like a daughter through out the weeks and months you stayed with him, at first you became like a grease monkey helping him with building or repairing things. Course this lead you to meeting the Avengers who in time adored you since you were the sole proof that protecting the world for others to see a bright future was worth it.

Of course when Ultron arrived things went horribly wrong, the robot Tony wanted to make to save the world went rogue and turned on people. It to you seemed like out of a stupid movie but it sure happened.

The team all sat around your bed, tubes around your body keeping you alive.

Thor x Reader-- ((NSFW)) The Cravings

Turns out you got your arm smashed and your skull was as well but only on your left side, everyone was stuck on how to help you. Your left side looked always useless to be able to move around anymore and they knew it would scare you not only that but hurt your feelings. Tony then looked at some of the broken down robots that were trashed from the fight, knowing the look in his eye Natasha voiced her concern.

It could kill her completely! It was possible they just needed to scan your body to see how much they needed to replace then get to work on the stuff needed. Surely you would want to keep living so the two went to work while the others agreed reluctantly. Luckily for everyone it was a great success. Sighing in relief they waited until you woke up. Hand twitching you groaned awake everything felt odd but also not bad, looking around you noticed one eye you were able to find things of more info.

Wondering what happened you looked at a smiling Tony. Everyone laughed and agreed, even if they were soon gonna go fight Ultron they had already won one fight and that was the fight to keep you alive.

Sure they were laughing now but they needed this win. And boy did it. Now they would be able to fight for sure. Thanks to you living. Feb 28, He walked towards the living room looking for someone. A certain someone that, he knew for sure, would enlighten his day just by a smile. I have been looking for her all morning and I just can't seem to find her. Without hesitating a moment Tony made his way towards your room, leaving Steve do whatever he was doing, he didn't care after all.

He had been constantly flirting with you and trying to get you to agree to go on a date with him, but always failed at that task. He had to admit in the beginning it was fascinating playing around each other, then it got frustrating that you didn't give him what he wanted but in the end It had turned into a game that he had begun to love Sometimes when he thought about that he couldn't believe it even himself Tony Stark falling head over heels for someone The way you talked to him, the way you smiled at him when you tried to reassure him or support him, and understand him like no-one else, it just made you unique.

During the last days you would not speak much to him and always seemed a little under the weather. But what worried him most was that whenever he tried to cheer you up by 'playing his little game' with you, you would just storm out of the room and barely speak to him after that. He made his way towards your room and upon seeing the door half open an idea came to his mind Slowly he walked in to see you sitting on your bed with your back turned to him, holding a guitar and probably about to play some sort of song.

Although he knew that you played the guitar and probably sang he had never heard you do so, thus the option of him not doing what he had initially thought and stay behind you to listen became more interesting to him. Tony just stood there, eyes wide obviously stunned. He had never thought you would be that good and that made him wonder why would you always not want to sing or play in public.

But you didn't answer my question. Who is doing what? Not when all you do is play with me! And I'm not a toy, Tony!

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Th-that in the beginning it was just for fun or to break the ice, since that's how you are, but that at least now you would want more than to get me in your bed. But no! I'm just another ride! That song Cause no matter what, I always loved you and I was right there for you even though you kept playing You seem to understand nothing and just keep playing! And I-I am sick of playing Tony! You looked down and after a few minutes of silence you thought that he had left He walked closer to you "I have to admit that yes, in the beginning it was a game but then I'm so sorry, I know I have screwed up.

So please, just please, stay there for me and keep my feet to the ground Story Story Writer Forum Community.Apparently this is what happens when I listen to Les Mis. Like why did I even write this?? Originally posted by stuckinanightmarexx. You were surprised that you could feel the chilling drops of rain with how numb you were now. Everything had gone to hell in a handbasket, aliens once again raining down on not just the city of New York but all across the world.

Fortunately for what was left of the Earth, the Human race had once again proven to be impossible to wipe out. You had won, the team had won, Earth was safe again for the time being.

You had gotten split from the team, opting to save a large group of people fleeing into the subway system as the team chased after the last of the invaders. You managed to save them, but took quite a few nasty hits to the abdomen, instantly downing you. You crawled behind some rubble, carelessly propped up against some huge slabs of concrete that used to be the sidewalk in front of your favorite cafe. Your comms was trashed and you had no idea when you had managed to lose your phone.

There was so much blood around you and only the quiet hush of the buildings around you straining to stay upright. The sky was white with a thick layer of clouds, raining lightly as the world started to wash away the trauma that had just occurred. You were struggling to breath, only coming up with short rasps to push air into your lungs.

You knew you were dying, that much was clear. You know the movie nights would stop, the late night conversations in the common room, the witty and sometimes petty banter over the comms during missions.

It would all stop, at least for a while too long, without you. The one person that had managed to weave themselves so closely with everyone, making a group that was once in tatters into a family again.

You tried to keep the blood from dripping out of your mouth but failed. You absentmindedly wiped it away. Clint was on you in seconds, the pressure of his large hands on your wounds making you yelp as your body was once again made aware of its injuries.

You gave him a lazy pat on the arm that was pressed to your biggest wound. A crack of thunder ripped nearby, Thor landed about a block away from the three of you with Nat in tow. She instantly ran to where you were propped up by Clint. She had a medkit with her, probably stole it off of a downed ambulance.

She was as beautiful as ever, a few cuts and bruises here and there but practically as good as new. She wrapped what she could and pressed gauze into the other gaping hole in your side. You hissed but kept your complaints to yourself.Living with Tony was difficult, to say the least.

Being his assistant was the hardest, by far. It was hard to keep a ratio of days of either personality. But, it paid extremely well, Tony on his good days showered you with affection and gifts, and you had a place to say. The bragging rights of living in either his mansion home or the Stark Tower was enough. But on his bad days, the ones where Tony relived the worse days or his stocks went down, were the ones that made you want to fight the Hulk more than be his assistant.

But you were there for him daily, no matter if you were working or not. Tony felt the mood of the room change, drastically. You had already spilled your favorite Starbucks drink this morning, your favorite backup skirt had a rip and two of your ponytails had snapped. It was AM and you were done. Because your dad gave you everything? You saw Tony tense and your heart stopped. You build suits to fill the void your daddy left.

You literally have a suit that makes you breakfast. I really wish you would destroy that. And you broke. Tony had fallen back into his seat and was breathing very quickly, gripping his chest.

Minutes had gone by and Tony had finally relaxed and you were almost crying. Be ready to wake up early tomorrow. His eyes finally met yours and your voice registered and he flopped back in bed. I really hate you. I really should have. Please tell me this is a joke. Get me two eggs. That was simple enough, right?

Not even two minutes later, Tony had gone through another three eggs and was yelling in frustration.

You would regret that. You were honestly surprised at first, and then even more surprised when you started kissing back. And when the both of you needed air, Tony grinned. It was plainly obvious you both enjoyed it. It had been a month or two and you were happier than ever.

He had even loosened up on your work deadline, and was a lot more willing to being handed things. You giggled as you bounced up and down, landing beside your boyfriend.

You cut a piece out and ate it, pausing for a second before swallowing. Never had you been so happy to teach someone to cook.